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Dr. Albert Thiele








The corporate consultancy Advanced Training have more than 20 years' experience in the area of management training. More than 30,000 participants have already been convinced of the AT seminars' high quality standards.

Advanced Training sees itself as a partner to its clients and it supports them in developing social and communicative competence for the increasingly global and ever-changing competitive market. Training and consultation are always aimed at preparing the participants for the unique challenges in "learning organisations" and encouraging them in putting their main talents to the test. In the protective seminar situation as well as in the everyday working world.

Our cooperation partners, who all possess first class references and university qualifications in economic pedagogy or communications, can guarantee the quality of our seminars and consulting services. In our television and radio training, we work closely together with experienced media professionals and journalists.



Advanced Training's main features

  • Open and in-house seminars for managers and professionals at all levels and in every field.  IMG 3529-R-H Kleines Form
  • Supervision and consultation in optimizing presentations.  
  • Lectures within the framework of annual conferences and congresses.    
  • Support in developing customized corporate training concepts.    
  • Presentation of workshops    
  • Coaching    
  • Recruitment of experienced trainers for the whole thematic spectrum of management training.


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